Top Agent Magazine Explains How Neighborhood Amenities Can Add Value to Listings

Top Agent Magazine Explains How Neighborhood Amenities Can Add Value to Listings

Top Agent Magazine Explains How Neighborhood Amenities Can Add Value to Listings

Real estate agents and their clients know that a property’s location is one of its most important details. The neighborhood your home is in can significantly affect the amount of time it takes you to find a buyer and the price you can secure. Location affects the value of properties just as much as the home’s size, number of bedrooms, and other details, as the team at Top Agent Magazine has seen firsthand.

The amenities available to neighborhood residents can play a significant role in their experience there. That’s why REALTORS® should put just as much emphasis on what the area has to offer as they do on the home itself. Below are some ways REALTORS® can boost the value of their listings using the surrounding neighborhood.

Diving Into Local Food, Drinks, and Entertainment

Take the time to determine the most popular spots around your listing. This could include everything from restaurants and coffee shops to a trendy bar that serves craft cocktails. You’ll earn extra points if you get to know the local business owners, offering your real estate clients an even deeper look into the area’s culture.

Start by walking the neighborhood and visiting establishments that could add value to your property. Once you have firsthand experience, check online review sites to see whether other residents have had similar experiences or if there’s a hole-in-the-wall gem you may have missed. Everyone who comes in to tour your property will appreciate hearing about the establishments that make the neighborhood truly unique.

Public Transit Access in the Area

If you’re selling homes in metropolitan areas, access to public transportation will likely be a consideration for your buyers. Ensure you have information about local transport, including major hubs and access points. This knowledge will help win over clients who prefer the transportation benefits metropolitan living offers.

These days, the reduced environmental impact is just as big of a selling point as the convenience. As Top Agent Magazine explains, some clients will appreciate features like dedicated bike lanes and easy access to bus lines. Knowing how the neighborhood’s transit offerings can work to your potential buyer’s advantage is the key.

Crafting the Neighborhood’s History Into a Narrative

There’s a reason why the best marketing strategies center around a storyline. People love a good narrative, and you can create that for them by contextualizing the area around your property into the greater history of the city. If any historically significant buildings are nearby or the area has been home to a noteworthy person, include those details on your tour. Your potential buyers will appreciate your community knowledge and relish being a part of local history.

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