Unveiling a New Identity: The Rebranding of Additive Space Technologies to Solideon

Unveiling a New Identity: The Rebranding of Additive Space Technologies to Solideon

Unveiling a New Identity: The Rebranding of Additive Space Technologies to Solideon

On its mission to change the outlook of aerospace travel and manufacturing, Additive Space Technologies is undergoing a transformation of its own. The technology and manufacturing company unveiled its rebrand as Solideon. More than just a name change, the rebranding is a portmanteau of “solid” and “eon,” highlighting the firm’s commitment to robust technologies and solutions that move the space sector into the future. 

“In 3D printing, you are trying to make something solid. Similarly, we are building a solid jumping-off point for humanity,” the company’s CEO and co-founder, Oluseun Taiwo, explains. “And incorporating eon is a testament to being here for a very long time. We’re advancing manufacturing, which is a step in advancing humanity. That’s also in our slogan.” 

The Next Chapter of Solideon’s Technology

Coupled with a vibrant new color palette and distinctive logo, the rebrand embodies the vision and ambition of Taiwo and his co-founder, Anthony Dean. Located in Berkley, California, the company’s updated branding follows closely behind the opening of a newly minted workspace, the site of Solideon’s innovation.

That includes Aperture, a fully integrated robotic additive manufacturing system. Beyond its patented 3D welding capabilities and assembly technology, Aperture’s visionary design is the first step toward Taiwo’s vision of what is possible beyond our atmosphere. At its core, additive manufacturing—more commonly known as 3D printing—is a computer-guided process that crafts three-dimensional objects through meticulous layering of material deposits. 

While the concept of 3D printing isn’t groundbreaking, Solideon‘s approach amplifies its potential while addressing its current limitations. As Taiwo explains, other competitors in the space have turned their attention to manufacturing rockets as part of the commercial race to space.  

“I think that leaves a lot of opportunity for innovation open in both aerospace and other areas,” he says. “We’re taking a different route in going after products that other companies can use, not just our own projects.”

Solideon’s work resonates deeply with current aerospace aspirations due to a growing need for fast, cost-effective, and sustainable manufacturing solutions. According to Taiwo, additive technologies can help address the existing bottlenecks in aerospace manufacturing—particularly the long lead times that have traditionally impeded progress.

Proving Solideon’s Impact on Earth and Beyond

Competition, as always, is fierce. Solideon distinguishes itself with its proprietary take on additive manufacturing and a visionary approach to future advancement. The company just surpassed its initial funding goal of $2 million, securing more than $3.5 million to fund its ongoing development. 

“The choice to rebrand isn’t about forgetting where we started as a company but recognizing and elevating everything that we have done since then,” explains Taiwo. “This new identity represents the new heights we’ve envisioned for Solideon as a company.”

In addition to aerospace manufacturing, the Solideon team is exploring other industries that also have a future among the stars. “Every industry needs to be looked at for its capacity to autonomously manufacture on Earth with almost zero to no human input,” he points out. The team sees this as a way to hone its development for earth-bound technologies that can eventually be translated to space or orbit. 

The company’s new identity better represents that vision, says Taiwo, in a way that positions Solideon as a leader in the aerospace sector. Learn more about Solideon and its advancements in additive manufacturing at solideon.com

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