Battarix and Project Dynamo Join Forces to Rescue 270 Americans from Israel

Battarix and Project Dynamo Join Forces to Rescue 270 Americans from Israel

Battarix and Project Dynamo Join Forces to Rescue 270 Americans from Israel

Lakewood, NJ — Battarix, the leading provider of wallet-sized backup power solutions for smartphones, proudly announces its partnership with Project Dynamo in the successful execution of ‘Operation: Promised Land.’ This mission, which ensured the safe evacuation of 270 Americans from Israel during recent conflicts, represents a remarkable achievement and the power of community collaboration during times of crisis. 

In response to sudden airstrikes and attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants on October 7th, several commercial flights within Israel were suspended, leaving many Americans in a challenging situation. Recognizing the potential hardships faced by these individuals, Sam Wechsler, President & CEO of Battarix, swiftly collaborated with Bryan Stern, Founder & CEO of Project Dynamo in coordination of ‘Operation: Promised Land’.

Stern, who had already been mobilizing for the operation, reached out to Wechsler, encouraging him to enroll any individuals requiring evacuation. Responding to the call, Wechsler leveraged various community networks to assemble a group of over 200 Americans for the rescue mission. This swift and community-driven action was pivotal in the operation’s success. Wechsler emphasized the collective effort, stating, “This operation was the result of a symphony of collaboration.” 

Project Dynamo, led by a dedicated team of military veterans and first responders, secured an aircraft suitable for the evacuation. The primary challenge was raising the necessary funds for the mission. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis generously sponsored the entire flight, ensuring a smooth journey from Tel Aviv to Tampa via Portugal. 

While Project Dynamo managed the logistics, Battarix played a crucial role in assisting individuals to board the evacuation flight. Stern applauded the efforts by Wechsler in a LinkedIn post saying, “He is a treasure and a true American patriot. We would not have been successful in bringing home the hundreds of Americans that we have so far from Israel without Sam!” 

In the spirit of support and ongoing philanthropic initiatives, Battarix is also leading an effort to provide batteries for soldiers on the ground with their ‘Power up an IDF Soldier’ campaign. “We have already sent over 1,000 batteries, ensuring that our courageous soldiers stay connected. We encourage everyone to visit our website and contribute to this cause,” added Wechsler. 

For more information about the ‘Power Up an IDF Soldier’ campaign and to donate a BattarixTM directly to an IDF soldier on the front lines, please visit this link.

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About Battarix:

BattarixTM is the world’s smallest, non-rechargeable, always-ready, self-sufficient backup power supply for mobile devices. Its mission goes beyond powering devices; it’s about powering connections, especially in critical times.

About Project Dynamo:

Founded in response to the U.S. Armed Forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, Project Dynamo is led by military veterans and first responders. The organization has evacuated 6,075 individuals from global conflict and disaster zones, including regions like Ukraine, Haiti, and Sudan.

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